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WOMEN’S DAY – 2021

A women is a daughter, sister and mother

Just like a soft wind and leaves she flutter

She don’t know deep down who she is really

Cause she lives her life for herself merely

Some people say women are very very weak

But have you seen your mother taking rest when she is sick?

Women are able to bear more pain then men

Cause they give birth and have to mensurate

If men are gonna bleed like us women

Then they may die with in a second

Every women is filled with perfection and beauty

For providing respect and important to women

Even though they are neglected by the society Women cannot do this and that

But men are not stopped at any part

Women’s day is just a hellucination

Cause women should be respected not only this day

But must be make to feel worthy every day Remember this cause it is the key

That if women is safe and happy Then she will pour the love of whole eternity

But if she is angry and unsatisfied

Then she will make you curse and burn your life




Published by Noorien Misbha


50 thoughts on “WOMEN’S DAY – 2021

  1. A man is outside
    the spiritual inheritance
    the women

    A man cannot know for himself
    he has to ask his mother
    what kind of person he is

    A simple man has no mistress
    only in a dream

    A man must be of service to the woman
    carry high their indivisible dignity

    Nobody knows the other for sure
    his suffering, his need
    and how much he has to endure through his life

    A man he has the humility
    will recognize the woman in herself

    It takes the ugliness
    so that the beauty can be seen

    People are oppressed
    and exploited
    and men

    An arrogant man
    who disregards indivisible human dignity
    loses access to himself

    We must both
    woman and man
    try the better every day

    If I someone
    really curse
    the curse returns to my heart

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  2. Yes! Absolutely true! Women’s day shouldn’t be celebrated only for a day….You ain’t gonna love the women of your only for a day right? You have respect and live for them all throughout the year, so why celebrating it only for a day?😌. Let’s keep all the women folk around us happy!❤(every day and throughout the year)😌❤🤞🏻

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