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Hi everyone. Have come back after 1 year 5 months. I’ve been busy with my academics and you know what’s so exciting? I’ve started reading novels. Colleen hoover is my favorite author and her books are so good. Also I have created an instagram account for my books collection. Tap noors_library and have a look.Continue reading “ENOUGH?”


It’s been a long yearconsumed by many uncertainties I’ve been sadI’ve been scared I’ve been scarredI’ve been confused I’ve been aggrievedI’ve been overwhelmed but in the midst of it all I found happiness In my daily conversationswith friends and family In multiple doses of Netflixwhile adjusting to staying safe In a cup of teawhile appreciating aContinue reading “A LONG YEAR ☠”


Hello Everyone Hope you’re doing good and are healthy enough.I want to share one thing today…I received text from one of my friend Jerald from mexico. It was nice talking to her and she’s Bisexual. I could literally sense and feel her broken heart thingy and experience of her childhood and currently situation she’s facing.Continue reading “LGBTQIA🌈”

WOMEN’S DAY – 2021

A women is a daughter, sister and mother Just like a soft wind and leaves she flutter She don’t know deep down who she is really Cause she lives her life for herself merely Some people say women are very very weak But have you seen your mother taking rest when she is sick? WomenContinue reading “WOMEN’S DAY – 2021”


Woman that was considered as impious by people, Evil, she is, but her face was so beautiful. Putting a bit of dark red lipstick on her pouty lips, Wearing tight dress that shows her well-shaped hips. Working on a place filled with different color of flickering lights, Feeling that, tonight, she might be paid right.Continue reading “NAKED•PLAYED•PAID”


Our Motherland India was slave under the British rule for long years during which Indian people were forced to follow the law made by British rule. After long years of struggle by the Indian freedom fighters ,finally India became independent on 15th of August on 1947. After two and half years later Indian Government implementedContinue reading “REPUBLIC DAY- 2021”

• LOVE vs HATE •

What love means exactly,??It’s a word which is always heard by all of us constantly, It’s more precious than gold and diamonds,Which is scariest and hardest to heal,As life is too short, Love is sweet,Love is kind,It’s a symbol of truth,Which always unites to hearts,To lead a happy life, Never take hates to your mind,WhichContinue reading “• LOVE vs HATE •”


No one is perfect – that’s why pencils have erasers. So never lose your confidence let whatever whoever say anything to you. The only thing Matters is YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS. Because of my busy schedule I’m not so into WordPress now. Shall be back soon as before❤. Until next post love you all and stay happyContinue reading “AM I SMART ENOUGH NOW?🍁”


Boys don’t play with dolls Girls don’t like cars Society: You’re crying like a girl One beautiful day, happiness around and tears saying OMG! It’s a girl After few years… Birthday celebration Girl: Yes, I’m a girl Boy: And yes, I’m a boy Both(girl and boy): And yes, sometimes it’s hard for you all toContinue reading “LET’S RAISE🦋🥀 #GENERATIONEQUAL”


We are a small galaxyShe’s the sunYou’re the earthI’m the moon You revolve around herAnd I revolve around youYou give her all the attentionLike I have no gravitational effect on you at all She keeps you in orbitYou keep me on the pathAnd you keep life for usJust by being you But it seems likeContinue reading “GALAXIES (A TANGLED LOVE STORY)🥀”


I’m the serenity of the moonlightI’m the twinkle of the starsI’m the rain in the cloudI’m the smell of the sondhi mittiI’m the colours of the rainbowI’m the sunshine I’m the smile of a newbornI’m the laughter of a toddlerI’m the innocence of a childI’m the dream of a youngsterI’m the love of a grandparentI’mContinue reading “I’M THE SOUL🥀”


We are the blessed ones, who have been brought up in the rich Indian culture of Guru Shishya traditions. 5th September is celebrated as a Teacher’s Day in India. In India, teachers are regarded as the Gurus from the very beginning. Gurus not only enlighten our paths from their guidance but also remove the darknessContinue reading “HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY 🥀❤️”


Hey reader’s, My today’s post may look weird ….. But it’s something which can change few people’s life……In sha Allah….Today I’m going to talk about Reality of PORN. The gift of pornography for society is to turn humans into animals and perverts. Thier work is to simple to more and more new content to makeContinue reading “REALITY OF PORN”


It is not a matter what you wear,because a cloth doesn’t define who you are. It is not a matter what is your religion,because your caste doesn’t determine what your power is. It is not a matter where you are living,because a place doesn’t define what your talent is. It is not a matter if youContinue reading “YOU ARE UNIQUE, YES YOU ARE💜💯”


Experts observe you are a protein, shouldn’t you be doing good? Kids feel you are a monster! Optimists identify it is time to reinvent themselves. Leaders accuse you were created in a lab! Antagonists gossip you are just another conspiracy. Believers deem you are a messenger! Nature lovers perceive its our Mother Nature rectifying theContinue reading “FACE OFF TO CORONA🌬️”


Another life for myself ♥ I would take another lifeto stop a second away from an event. Another life to understand,what is the way to defend myselfand keep it further awayfrom my greatest fears. Another life to retrace my steps,to find the peace that is not there.Another life for myself. I would take another lifetoContinue reading “✨ ANOTHER LIFE ✨”


•••No one kills themselves in suicide,It’s someone else inside them,They’re the ones who controls the razor,They pull the rope over you’re neck,They pull the trigger,And they swallow the pills,They write your goodbye letter,Because in the end,The person who dies isn’t YOU.♥✨••• Thank you for reading ✨ Love NOORIEN MISBHA 🥀♥ Follow me here for moreContinue reading “MISPLACED BLAME ♥✨⚰️”


I’m sitting hereAlone In a crowded roomTrying to figure it all out Everything messed upAnd I just don’t know anymoreI don’t know how to fix itEverything I do is wrongAnd everything I say Well let’s just sayNothing I do is right it’s all coming downAnd there’s no way to fix itNoway to make it rightNothingContinue reading “ALONE IN THE CROWD!🏁”


Sahi aur Galat ka faisla Aakhir kon Karta hai?Agar koi karta hai tho, Sahi ko Kyun Galat kehtae hai aur Galat ko Galat Kyun Nahi?Meri kamiz kisi kai liyae Sahi thi Kisiko Mera pehnava Galat Kyun? Kisi kai liyae Meri chamdi savli hogi tho Kisiko Kala dhabba aur Muhh Kala Kyun? Yeh Sahi aur GalatContinue reading “SAHI AUR GALAT KA FAISLA AAKHIR KON KARTA HAI? 💜🥀”

TENACIOUS (Something very important at present)

You cannot change your destiny You cannot change your destiny for things You cannot change what is wrong But you can find solutions for problems That would make you so strong Strong enough to know that you are right Strong enough to reduce your fright Strong enough to make your life bright And work onContinue reading “TENACIOUS (Something very important at present)”


Dear Mercury, Maybe you’re always going to be the smallestBut you’ll be closer, Faster and tougher than the rest. You’re Venus Feel of myrtle and worn coins, But isn’t there this flowBut it still means that you’re one of the brightest thing in these sky. Dear Earth, Whenever I feelmy spirit waning and my passionContinue reading “SPACE FANTASY 👩‍🚀🚀”

Ideal inspirational blogger Award

So exciting – a new award! Thanks to Jess for nominating me 🙂 RULES:Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.Answer their questions.Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.Provide the link of theContinue reading “Ideal inspirational blogger Award”

The Person Who Was Locked in a Room for 25 Years

Blanche Monnier was a gorgeous girl from France who ended up having one of the most tragic lives. She was born on the 1st of March, 1849 in Poitiers, France in what was thought to be a wonderful family at the time. Her beauty, physical appearance, and good nature attracted a lot of attention, andContinue reading “The Person Who Was Locked in a Room for 25 Years”

MOM-A Title just above Queen👑

My birth was a fate that He wroteIt’s not my authority to choose time, place or from the woman’s womb I was born intoShe also had no authority to choosewho’s the child she’d be conceived and born She’s a voice that I knew so wellI knew her from her calming heartbeatwhen she held me inContinue reading “MOM-A Title just above Queen👑”

“Message to the Almighty God”

The world has an invisible foe. Causing anger and countless woes. Mourners can’t bury the dead. They must stay in isolation instead. Death, you are a wicked creature! No offense. I don’t want to hear it preacher. I want to ask Almighty God instead. You are all-powerful, so you have said! If you are compassionateContinue reading ““Message to the Almighty God””

Loop poetry: Black🧤

Grey skin, red eyeseyes that see allall color draineddrained from your soul when you hurt herher of black skinskin shining warmwarm morning sun her smile died thenthen she knew whywhy you killed itit gave her will you’ll never knowknow your dear sonson of beautybeauty despite he’ll never knowknow his fatherfather rapistrapist monster gone away nownowContinue reading “Loop poetry: Black🧤”


Who is Nostradamus? Nostradamus was a french prophecy teller who lived in 1500 C.E. He made many prophecies. Prophecy is nothing but to forsee events which will happen in future. He was mostly famous for his book LES PROPHETIES. In the book he made many revelations about future events. Most important and notable prophecies wereContinue reading ““NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTIONS HAVE ACTUALLY HAPPENED?””


It seems that once in 100 years the world is devastated by a pandemic. The last recent pandemics are the following: In the year 1720 plague, in the year 1820 cholera outbreak and the most recent pandemic was the Spanish flu of 1920. The researchers said that all of these pandemics mentioned above have exactlyContinue reading ““THE VIRUSES CONQUERED THE WORLD🌍.””


The ghosts projected in movies and stories are very interesting compared to the way they actually appear in real life. I’m going to tell you some facts about ghosts that I’ll not only help you understand the spirit/ghosts real but also help you identify potential ghost presence. 1. Have you noticed that certain things inContinue reading ““DO GHOSTS EXIST🧟‍♀🧟‍♂?…WHAT ARE IT’S SIGN A HUMAN BEING CAN FEEL!””


1. Hiding your thumb behind all the fingers it’s a sign of nervousness ,it indicates that the person wants to remain unnoticed in the group. 2. Never tell your goals to anyone.Because it is chemically satisfies that brain and that’s similar to completing it. 3. Psychology says the frist impression is always made in theContinue reading ““WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MOST AWESOME PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTS?””


We all know what anger is, and we’ve all felt it: Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. WHAT IS ANGER😠? Anger is “an emotional state thatContinue reading ““CONTROL ANGER BEFORE IT CONTROLS YOU.””


What’s really is happiness? Basically we have four levels of happiness Happiness from material objects Happiness from comparison, being better, more admired than others Happiness from doing good for others Ultimate, perfect happiness -finding your calling. The benefits of being happy:If happiness is a universal goal, then we need to understand it’s cause and effects.Continue reading “AT THE END MATTERS-HAPPINESS😊!”