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Woman that was considered as impious by people,
Evil, she is, but her face was so beautiful.
Putting a bit of dark red lipstick on her pouty lips,

Wearing tight dress that shows her well-shaped hips.
Working on a place filled with different color of flickering lights,
Feeling that, tonight, she might be paid right.
She walked on a little stage, and started dancing there, Where hungry men was looking at her.

As the night grew deeper,
She stayed in a room and played as a man’s tonight’s entertainer.
Naked, played and paid.

She knew that she got her soul to an evil, trade.
This is the reality, this is the truth.
Yes, she’s a prostitute.
Making money by spicing up someone’s lust.
But still hoping for a real love that lasts.

Thank you

Noorien Misbha🦋

Stay blessed, respect all and spread love❤

Published by Noorien Misbha


34 thoughts on “NAKED•PLAYED•PAID

  1. Another brave post Gudia.

    There are no evil trades – evil is in our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. Every task can become a prayer, a meditation!

    A prostitute sells her body and a politician sells his soul. I would trust her more.

    At the end of the day : Only the love of God is fulfilling and is the love we all crave – albeit unconsciously.

    Stay loved. Stay joyous 💖🤗

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  2. Good afternoon, Noorien Misbha

    Thank you for your insight, the event in life between a woman and a man.

    my answer:

    a man can
    the longing
    who the woman
    from nature
    is delivered

    he never can
    her soul
    their truth
    of her heart
    to know

    the hunger
    in dance
    is from both
    not breastfed

    is a touch
    so deep
    in a heart
    it will be for decades
    in memory

    there is nothing wrong with it
    when people touch
    indivisible human dignity
    of woman and man
    must not be hurt

    nobody what the other
    the real affection is
    love is just a word
    give and take
    must be in harmony

    nature wants
    that woman and man
    getting together
    for continued existence
    of the life of mankind

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  3. Misbha this is deep, I like your style of writing. It is intriguing, catchy and poetic. I really enjoyed reading this post. As a Christian a prostitute is frowned upon, not only does she send her soul to hell but of those she sleeps with. In the book of proverbs in the Bible it clearly states this. They share many wicked spirits among each other and if they are married they bring those spirits home affecting their love ones. By true repentance of their sins to Jesus Christ the blood of Jesus washes those sins away but they must never do it again. Sin no more is what Jesus Christ told the sinner when He forgave them and healed them. The prostitute that was thrown at his feet by the Jews for Jesus Christ to condemn, Jesus told them those without sin cast the first stone. No one could have cast it because they all had sin in their life. Jesus then turns to the prostitute and ask her are those that condemn you here she answers no. He continues with then “I do not condemn you, I forgive you, now go and sin no more.” How beautiful is that, God’s grace covers our sins but we must make sure we repent and live the best we could to be obedient to God’s Word. Seek after righteousness and God’s Will for our lives.

    Continue writing and be joyful always 💖😊

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    1. Thank you dear
      Glad you like it
      I must agree to this…being A Muslim Qur’an says the same…repent and never repeat. I totally agree with your words but I think there might be some reasons or situation in their life which forces them to take this step and commit sin. In Sha Allah I just pray, they get a better life and capability to understand what sin they’re committing and turn towards our Almighty god repent, never repeat.

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