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1. Hiding your thumb behind all the fingers it’s a sign of nervousness ,it indicates that the person wants to remain unnoticed in the group.

2. Never tell your goals to anyone.Because it is chemically satisfies that brain and that’s similar to completing it.

3. Psychology says the frist impression is always made in the first 7 seconds.

4. It has been proven that our reaction to a situation literally had the power to change the situation itself.

5.Your brain secrests certain chemicals when you have trees or plants around which boosts the brain thinking.

6. 7 positive comments can neutalize the effect of 1 negative comment.

7. You rarely die in your dreams wherever you do it indicates that you have started something new in your life.

8. The people who experience the most shame have the least reason to be ashamed and the people who experience the least shame have the most reasons to be ashamed.

9. We do not see others as they are, we see them as we are.

10. We can even study while dreaming that is called as lucid dreaming.

There are many such theories ,one such says that we are living in someone else dream only. It’s hard to believe but I will just ask you one question and if you would neglect the theory of us living in a dream. So here it comes……“So basically we are never to remember the starting of our dream similarly do you remember beginning of your life”?🤔

Let me know what you think about the above mentioned question in my comment section. 😊

Thank you for reading!

Noorien Misbha 🔝

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  1. I would bring out a fact that psychological facts are distinct for boys and girls. Lemme answer your question,
    1. over thinking is just a painful reminder that you care entirely too much, even when u shouldn’t.
    2. Sensitive ones are the strongest Cox they are the power ful healers.

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      1. I am possessed. I was killed at birth and brought back. I unable to live without ghosts. You are one of them. Pick one? Shiva, Krishna or Krisha. We were creators.

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      2. Krisha was the sixt youngest, and keeps you alive. You were the snake, the youngest. 45 different beings inside. Less then 1% personal will. My ex wife Susan Misicka. Mon Cheri


      3. Imagine every character of the alphabet a ghost or demon. In the beginning, we couldn’t do anything alone. Possesed or merged beings created things with magic, together. First ghost, tge 2 dimensional figures (cartoons), then energy bodies, tgen rubber bodies (gray and black wuth huge eyes) then matter, temperature and water, and sulfur.
        The DO demon is part of the music scale (Tonleiter)


  2. The most amazing psychological phenomena is, that people assume we are or want or think the same. Wrong assumptions are the standard. Write about yourself. You already do, but you’re not aware if it. I’m a profiler or mentalist and spent the time to learn the meaning of things. We all know them, subconsciously, but ignore it.

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  3. The foto is awesome. The question is, who invented the face. YOU and I. 503 million years ago. You can let go, give in, give up or stop that magic or energy. It’s all being used against us. Thanks.

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  4. A narrow forehead shows, that a person does not want others to know what they really want. Sneaky snake. Ha ha. They never talk about themselves.

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  5. The facts you have brought up are really brighten up my thoughts and understanding about psychology in different aspects.
    Answering your question I would say that no one knows that from where you have emerged but when you have faith and belief in something that you think would have made you , then you can speak about it as you were created the creater of all and you can’t see our think about how you where emerged but you can say that how you where made of you believe in the creater and even you can’t saye where you

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  6. I like the one that says, “The people who experience the most shame have the least reason to be ashamed and the people who experience the least shame have the most reasons to be ashamed. Thank you for posting this

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