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The ghosts projected in movies and stories are very interesting compared to the way they actually appear in real life. I’m going to tell you some facts about ghosts that I’ll not only help you understand the spirit/ghosts real but also help you identify potential ghost presence.

1. Have you noticed that certain things in your home get lost and no matter how hard you try, you can’t find them. Later, out of blue, they are found at a place where, you’re sure you’ve looked for them earlier. You’re surprised but then you let it go thinking maybe I didn’t look for it properly! In situation like this, there might be a very bored entity Playing with you. Let it play!

2. At times, your suddenly feels a chill and a shiver runs thru your body. You don’t see a apparent reason, cause the windows are shut, door doesn’t lead to a wind source and it’s not even winter. Chances are, got in the way of an entity’s energy field. When we are at extreme of our emotions, we release maximum energy. We feel very tired after an anger outbrusrt or after crying hard for some time or after scare or panic time right? Well these all are high emotional states when we are releasing a lot of energy. That’s why people who investigate or ghosting insist you to remain calm. The energy you release is absorbed by the entity, to get stronger. And on the other hand, atmosphere…. Ghost absorb or get thier energy from the atmosphere. So when you feel chill suddenly, you probably in the space where energy is being depleted and hence the feeling of chill or cold.

3. At times you suddenly feel the atmosphere to get thick (I don’t know how else to explain this). The room you’re in, feels glommy and sad. The air feels stale, room doesn’t feel lively anymore (the difference between a sunny day room and rainyday room), and whatever you’re doing,chatting, playing,studying, watching TV etc, you lose interest in it and stop doing it. Well like I said before, atmosphere majorly gets impacted by this and we share the same space, which in turn impacts our state of mind.

4. Little kids around 3 to 9 months or so, need a lot of attention. If you don’t give it to them, they take it by crying thier throats. However, you noticed that at times, these kids do not demand attention, rather they are happily playing and staring at one particular direction, making some illegal sounds, and giving an occasional smile. Well, don’t be too intrigued, they are in all probability, taking to thier invisible friends and getting all the attention they need, from them.

5. To understand this face better, do this experiment with your friend or a family member in a quite room completely engrossed in something like reading, watching TV, studying etc, stand at a place which is close to them but they can’t see you, until they turn around completely. Now focus your gaze behind thier neck, just above the point of shirt collar would be. Keep looking, do not break your gaze. Within a few moments that person will look around, feeling uncomfortable but not understating the reason. Then they’ll quickly resume what they were doing. Again keep gazing, they again look around and spot you. Our sensory powers are a lot more than we know. When you feel that there’s some one watching you or thier it’s someone nearby you but you’re sure that there can’t be anyone, cause you’re alone in the room and door is closed from inside. It’ll be a good idea to step out of the room immediately for some time. Because you could have a visitor from a different dimension!

6. There are times when your periphery vision catches a movement but when you turn your head, there’s no one there. If this starts to happen often and that too in specific locations, chances are there might actually be someone.

7. If you’re looking at a Victorian photo and one of the subjects in photo is clearer than rest, it means they’re dead. Some people in Victorian photographs were dead at the time when the picture being captured. For example in this picture ⬇️

The picture of the girl in the middle appears clear and new. Why? Cause she was dead when the photograph was being captured. The reason for this is that cameras used were old and took a lot of time to capture a single photo, so, usually things that were still (people who were dead) were captured fresh and bright.

8. When you wake up around 2-3am without any reason, there’s an 80% chance that someone is staring at you. Example: at mid you want to use phone but scare of parents thinking whether they are seeing you or no.. For confirmation when you stare them, they start moving…and last they wake up!

Thank you for reading!

Noorien Misbha 🔝

Published by Noorien Misbha



  1. I am certainly intrigued with these facts. Very interesting facts.
    Btw I too blog @ The Confessions Of A Music And Book Addict and would appreciate some support!
    -Prutha xoxo

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  2. Ghosts control us. Holy spirit is just one of them. Demons are combined willpower from many beings with a certain intention or purpose. It is awful.

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  3. We are ghosts. Manipulated beings that torture each other and fight themselves, because the God demon(s) wanted control and punishment.

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  4. You learned something, right? What us it? You changed, yourself! 😊. I learned something too, from you. Good is not good enough, so I figured it has to be ideal that you and nobody else destroys it. You have extraordinarily high standards, do you?

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  5. I certainly think that Ghosts exists because if you believe God exists then you should think about how only God (i.e ,Good) can exists without an existence of Ghosts (i.e., Bad) I can say..
    The signs & facts you have expressed about are really unknown for many people but these signs really do exists as I have experienced some of them Mrs.Khan and then idea about Ghosts really fascinates people who really find it super-natural & even some who studies about them.
    What’s your opinion on this …?

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    1. According to the blog I have written.. I say it’s just a super natural or a engery what we feel… By we thinking as a existence of ghost… Yeah what you said at starting is a valid one…! 🙂❤💯🧚‍♀

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