• LOVE vs HATE •

What love means exactly,??It’s a word which is always heard by all of us constantly, It’s more precious than gold and diamonds,Which is scariest and hardest to heal,As life is too short, Love is sweet,Love is kind,It’s a symbol of truth,Which always unites to hearts,To lead a happy life, Never take hates to your mind,WhichContinue reading “• LOVE vs HATE •”


Boys don’t play with dolls Girls don’t like cars Society: You’re crying like a girl One beautiful day, happiness around and tears saying OMG! It’s a girl After few years… Birthday celebration Girl: Yes, I’m a girl Boy: And yes, I’m a boy Both(girl and boy): And yes, sometimes it’s hard for you all toContinue reading “LET’S RAISE🦋🥀 #GENERATIONEQUAL”


Hello folks, I hope all are doing good and healthy. Because of my college busy schedule I was out of WP…. yesterday was my Dadis birthady (wife of my dear young Dadu❤️)…she is no more now…so here there’s a small tribute to her… In Sha Allah I Hope my Dadu🙂 and dadi likes it.🦋 SheContinue reading “SOMETHING SPECIAL TO SOMEONE (DADI)❤️”


Hi hello Assalamualaikum Namaste sasriyakal everyone 😂💜✨ So yeah today my mood is really so good and happy too…( No special reason🤪)…it happens with me….I be happy with no reason and sad with no reason. And fun part is I cry with no reason…. Relatable guys?😂😂😬I guess No….I’m the most weirdest homosapien…😉 So yeah guysContinue reading “FUNNY MEMES😂#2”


Experts observe you are a protein, shouldn’t you be doing good? Kids feel you are a monster! Optimists identify it is time to reinvent themselves. Leaders accuse you were created in a lab! Antagonists gossip you are just another conspiracy. Believers deem you are a messenger! Nature lovers perceive its our Mother Nature rectifying theContinue reading “FACE OFF TO CORONA🌬️”


Lazy Day Resolution I do not want to write a thing. I don’t want to design.When it comes to creativity, I’m ready to resign.My efficacy’s at an end. I have no further drive.No further motivation to prove that I’m alive. I’m going to eat chocolates in front of the TV.No schedules to live up to.Continue reading “BORED OFF😑”


Another life for myself ♥ I would take another lifeto stop a second away from an event. Another life to understand,what is the way to defend myselfand keep it further awayfrom my greatest fears. Another life to retrace my steps,to find the peace that is not there.Another life for myself. I would take another lifetoContinue reading “✨ ANOTHER LIFE ✨”


•••No one kills themselves in suicide,It’s someone else inside them,They’re the ones who controls the razor,They pull the rope over you’re neck,They pull the trigger,And they swallow the pills,They write your goodbye letter,Because in the end,The person who dies isn’t YOU.♥✨••• Thank you for reading ✨ Love NOORIEN MISBHA 🥀♥ Follow me here for moreContinue reading “MISPLACED BLAME ♥✨⚰️”

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