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Hi everyone. Have come back after 1 year 5 months. I’ve been busy with my academics and you know what’s so exciting? I’ve started reading novels. Colleen hoover is my favorite author and her books are so good. Also I have created an instagram account for my books collection. Tap noors_library and have a look. I’d be very grateful if you have a look there. So yeah I’ve been busy with many works. I’ll try to be active here. So let’s get started and back to poetry. I hope you guys will like this and I’m so happy to come back here.

how much hurt is enough hurt to let go
how much love enough love to hold on,
neither of us will ever know.

all these years, ive wanted happiness
never needed it
and that’s exactly what was constantly doing wrong.

i became a parasite
attached myself to anything that temporarily
made my heart swirl and lips curl
but temporary things have a habit of abandoning

the problem was
you didn’t have the courage to ask me to leave
and i taking that as hospitality, overstayed my stay.
oh how i wish i hadn’t .

the lines of love and hurt are as finely intertwined as our hands used to
my wish to hold on and strength to let go are as conflicting as your heart used to be.

Thank you 💌

Love, Noorien Misbha


Published by Noorien Misbha


15 thoughts on “ENOUGH?

      1. Ohh! It’s my pleasure✨. Your always welcome dear.😊💞✌
        That’s so nice that your academic year was nice. And it would be my pleasure also to connect with you and to help each other.😊👍🤗
        Have a nice day.

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