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It’s been a long year
consumed by many uncertainties

I’ve been sad
I’ve been scared

I’ve been scarred
I’ve been confused

I’ve been aggrieved
I’ve been overwhelmed

but in the midst of it all I found happiness

In my daily conversations
with friends and family

In multiple doses of Netflix
while adjusting to staying safe

In a cup of tea
while appreciating a view of the sunset

In staying hopeful
and celebrating every small win

In the little joys I stole
while reminiscing on precious moments

I found happiness in uncertainty and that happiness is what everyone deserves.


Published by Noorien Misbha


28 thoughts on “A LONG YEAR ☠

  1. This year played a lead role in making me sad, too sad. But it also taught me to find 100 ways to be happy and increasing my happiness 1000 times by sharing it with people.

    Hi Noorien,
    Nice to meet you.
    Have a nice day. 😁

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  2. Noorie , you have perfectly captured the gamut of emotions that we all have been experiencing due to the pandemic…it’s been tough but it’s also given us a chance to ponder on things and come up with a list of the smallest and simplest things that give us happiness 😊💕

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