Hello Everyone

Hope you’re doing good and are healthy enough.I want to share one thing today…I received text from one of my friend Jerald from mexico. It was nice talking to her and she’s Bisexual. I could literally sense and feel her broken heart thingy and experience of her childhood and currently situation she’s facing. The hatred and body shaming and calling her with nowhere meaning just because she’s bisexual… I tried my level best to calm and make her feel that nothing matters…..At end matter’s is ourselves and our happiness. I felt bad for her. Hope she come over this very soon In Sha Allah. Here’s a poem I want to dedicate for her and other community out there.

One in the same

Walking through the crowded streets

People rushing by

Boys holding boys hands

Girls kissing other girls

Rainbow spread as far as the eye can see.

“You should know you’re beautiful

Just the way you are.”


Stand up.

Be proud

Show your pride

To all who want it


Don’t let protesters get the best of you.

Show your girl

And boy sides.

Men in dresses

Woman who are men

Love in different forms.


Living life

Their own ways.


You see the people

All different

All unique

YetThey’re the same.

We’re all similar

But those little qualities

That make us


Is what makes us different

But similar still.

Make some noise

God made us for a reason

Even if you don’t believe in Him.

We were all put here for a reason.

If gay is wrong

Then why do so many of us feel love

For the same gender?

It’s hard

For people to come out

For people to participate

In the festivals

In the parades

In the parties.

Though some people might disagree

There are the people

Who will stay with you

Through the bullying

Through the hardships

Through the times

Where you wish you could make everything Disappear.

Disappearing isn’t going to help.


Believe it or not

I’ve been where you have been.

I’ve been in the rushing crowds.

I’ve lead a parade

For you guys

Because I figured out

That I don’t just have feelings

For guys;

I Like girls

But I also like guys.





Gender queer



One for all and all for one

Thank you

Keep loving and Respect All


Published by Noorien Misbha


32 thoughts on “LGBTQIA🌈

  1. I believe one’s sexuality is innate. Statistically, about 10% of the population are born homosexual. I also believe that a person’s sexuality is no one else’s business, and has absolutely no negative effects on others. Those who have tried to “reform” homosexuals have been cruel, insensitive, and almost totally unsuccessful.

    The arguments that sex is only for procreation are a red herring. The world can sustain its population without everyone becoming parents, and in many countries the problem is overpopulation.

    Love is always better than hate! The haters out there are demonstrating their own irrational fears, negativity, and a lack of respect for the rights and boundaries of others. It’s too bad that people have to march to protest persecution about what is essentially a personal matter.

    Noorien, I hope you do not suffer discrimination for stating your views. May you realize your potential in life without the distraction of dealing with judgemental people. 🙂 All the best!

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    1. Exactly
      When the last time we felt awkward seeing a person who was not like us not in physical appearance but behaviour wise.There are may people who belong to the LGBTQ community but do we know anything about them other than these five letters, Cheryl really I don’t think so.What we know is that we should not talk with them they are not the right people,they are cursed and many other things which might have been told us by our parents,relatives,friends and other people.But is there any truth in this.

      We all were taught when we were small that God created us equally and we all also feel that God do not discriminate between us they why we do ? Some of us may say that,we don’t discriminate any more but an answer to a simple question will make us think again about this, do we behave normally with any person belonging to LGBTQ community, taking my own experience once travelling by bus a girl belonging to the LGBTQ community was sitting on a seat and there was a vacant adjacent seat but nobody was sitting there after watching all this I sat there and after sometime she asked for the time and then we started talking that was the first ever experience of mine of any interaction with LGBTQ community individual.That day I realised that they are just as we are there is not a single difference between them and us and what they want is just respect that’s it.
      Thank you Cheryl for your blessing love and support.
      Love and hugs from India❤

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      1. Respect SHOULD be put on trans people and the gay community. Our community is strong enough to withstand all the hatred that they shoot at us, and we’re still here, standing, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop us we’re here get used to it.


    1. that doesnt make sense because whats on the outside could be a total lie compared on how you feel on the inside. you had the right idea you just had the words switched around.


  2. Always tough living out loud, fear of judgement, rejection, even fear, fear of what you would really look like, how it would really be, is it going to be this way forever? these are all normal things. i have the perfect solution for people who either want a new AFFORDABLE body, or just want to see what they would look like with one them on. We can help people realized their dreams without them having to go through surgery. The link to my gofundme page is below. A dollar makes the difference, with your help we will change peoples lives.


  3. A much-needed post.

    Everyone has the right to live a happy and peaceful life. All citizens are equal in the country. We should open new opportunities for people to earn their living.

    Society level awareness is important. Because all this starts there. Accept each other equally, open-heartedly.

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