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• LOVE vs HATE •

What love means exactly,??
It’s a word which is always heard by all of us constantly,

It’s more precious than gold and diamonds,
Which is scariest and hardest to heal,
As life is too short,

Love is sweet,
Love is kind,
It’s a symbol of truth,
Which always unites to hearts,
To lead a happy life,

Never take hates to your mind,
Which controls your dwell,

Hate is a word which is also too superb,
Which comes with depression and sadness.
It’s a symbol of evil,
Which makes us the bad guys,
Indicates the cruelty in us,
Always teaches us to weep in life,

Thank you

Be happy


Published by Noorien Misbha


34 thoughts on “• LOVE vs HATE •

  1. ♡ Please Don’t Take This The Wrong Way EveryOne; it’s actually ‘LIKE vs HATE’ as “LOVE” has No Opposite, ALL is “LOVE” Experiencing ItSelf even via “HATE” and, hopefully, Forgiveness


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  2. Dear Noorien Misbha

    The word love
    is in use by those
    those with that term
    in an event
    have had their own experience

    Symbols, signs, words, rituals
    are us from the outside
    through words, pictures and writing
    as a clue
    for a better life
    insistent repetition
    given as a reminder

    The real truth
    which is and will not be comprehensible
    changes us daily
    her face

    The evil in us leaves itself
    not conquer
    my own shadow
    do not throw at others

    on it every day
    im trying for the better
    the work
    that challenges me as a whole person

    life knows us
    next to joy
    Suffering, grief, need, sickness and death
    all attention is to be given to this
    the duty
    my own life
    to endure in everything

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  3. Stay loved Gudia💖🤗

    Hate is just the absence of love
    It has no energy of its own
    Like cold is simply
    The absence of heat 😇

    You are again missing from my Managed Reader

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