Hello everyone. Hope you’ll are doing good, safe and healthy. Today is Birthday of my most favorite person Dadu. And here there’s a very small tribute from his gudia and hope dadu likes it❤

Chaos in my life began to take hold
As I saw the darkness begin to unfold
The trembling of my heart I feel
As depression embraces me from head to heel

I felt as though My life had no more value
Until the day I saw dadu
Because of dadu my sun burns even brighter
Because of dadu my life seems so much happier

Everything became so right
And true
And all the reason are
Because of Dadu

I learnt so much from him…and I’m so blessed to have a such beautiful soul and inspiring person in my life. And he taught me what’s exactly the definition of love and here it goes. ⬇

What love means exactly,??
It’s a word which is always heard by all of us constantly,

It’s more precious than gold and diamonds,
Which is scariest and hardest to heal,
As life is too short

Love is sweet,
Love is kind,
It’s a symbol of truth,
Which always unites to hearts,
To lead a happy life,

I know I’m d last who’s wishing you but I want to be till last forever haha😅❤. Wishing you once again happy birthday dadu. This Year be your best as you’re. By enjoying each and every fest full of zeal and zest. Making everyone moment remembrance of satisfaction and happiness. This Is a wish for your tomorrow’s stance.


From Your Gudia NOORIEN MISBHA✨❤

Published by Noorien Misbha


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