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No one is perfect – that’s why pencils have erasers. So never lose your confidence let whatever whoever say anything to you. The only thing Matters is YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS.

Because of my busy schedule I’m not so into WordPress now. Shall be back soon as before❤. Until next post love you all and stay happy


Published by Noorien Misbha


42 thoughts on “AM I SMART ENOUGH NOW?🍁

  1. I shouldn’t be writing a comment now but here goes nothing:

    As of now, I’m too tired and sleepy
    The wind blows, but it sounds so creepy

    So I close my eyes, and let myself go
    Back to the past, to a long time ago

    A little bird chirping, trying to run
    From all the excitements, of what he’d become

    Some took flight, he saw them in awe
    Eyes shined bright, his wishes started to grow

    And then came the day, the day he would learn
    But he didn’t knew, from now he’d burn

    Cuz they cut his wings, and asked him to try
    Attached some strings, “we will make you fly”

    His dream was killed to fulfill his wishes
    And his mind never healed, shattering into pieces

    So who’s fault was it? Was dreaming so wrong?
    But he couldn’t blame others, because it was a path he chose

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