We are a small galaxy
She’s the sun
You’re the earth
I’m the moon

You revolve around her
And I revolve around you
You give her all the attention
Like I have no gravitational effect on you at all

She keeps you in orbit
You keep me on the path
And you keep life for us
Just by being you

But it seems like all you see is her
Like I’m not anything worth mentioning
The only time you see me is the rare eclipses
And that’s only because she’s not there to see

I don’t have to be your everything
I know she deserve you too
I don’t want to be your everything
But sometimes I want to shine too


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Published by Noorien Misbha



  1. Yes ours is but a small galaxy
    But moon is our beloved
    Though sun is my sunshine
    And it is your gravitational pull
    That creates ebbs and flow of my tides
    Why only sometimes
    You are in my thoughts all the time 😊💖

    Beautiful poem my sweet little friend 💖🤗

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  2. देख रही नादान परी वह
    देखे नभ को यहां
    चमक रहे थे तारे नभ में
    चमकी आखे थी वहाँ।।

    बोल रहे तारे चमकते
    देखे परी वहाँ
    जैसे चमके हम यहां
    वैसे तुम्हे चमकना वहां।।

    देनी खुशिया जगाना विश्वाश
    देना हौसला वहाँ
    भटके प्राणियों को
    राह दिखाना वहाँ।।

    The innocent angel watching
    See the sky here
    The stars were shining in the sky
    Chamki was last there.

    Talking stars glow
    See angel there
    As we shine here
    By the way you shine there.

    Dani khushiya wake up trust
    Give encouragement there
    Wandering creatures
    To lead the way there.

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      1. Ohh

        ध्यान लगा कर पढ़ना,पढ़ाना
        उम्मीदों खरा उतरना आपको यहां
        अनजानी होती वो उम्मीदे धरा
        दबाव बहुत होता सदा।।

        एक तरफ हैं काल कोरोना
        सिस्टम सारा बदला यहां
        बदल रहै तोर तरीके सारे
        बदल रहे हैं इंसान यहा।।

        सिर्फ दुआए दे सकते हम
        रखना अपना ख्याल सदा
        आप सही जग सही धरा
        नीति अनुसरण करना यहा।।

        Ohh sorry
        reading, reading, teaching expectations will be unknowingly here.
        On one side, the Koreona system is changing all the changes here are changing the way. Just pray that we keep your carefully followed the right world.

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  3. Earth will not be like how we know it if the moon moves off even a little bit… It’s science but your words makes one appreciate moons pleasant warmth more👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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