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We are the blessed ones, who have been brought up in the rich Indian culture of Guru Shishya traditions.

5th September is celebrated as a Teacher’s Day in India. In India, teachers are regarded as the Gurus from the very beginning. Gurus not only enlighten our paths from their guidance but also remove the darkness of our ignorance with their wisdom and knowledge.

Truly speaking, Gurus are considered as the highest epitome of respect who give in abundance to the society but takes a very little in return.

You can’t forget the best teachers in your life, whatever age you are going through. Although, the mother is the foremost teacher in one’s life but still we all have some unforgettable Gurus in our life.

My deepest gratitude towards my first teacher, who lend me the pen for the first time and worked tirelessly for hours and hours to make us grow and bloom. Do you also remember your nursery teachers?

Influence of a teacher in a student’s life is very deep that leaves the everlasting impressions in their life. We can’t even recognize those extraordinarily small changes a teacher has made in our lives with the passage of time,

With the blessings of my parents, my Gurus and Almighty, I realized that the path of teaching is not that easy which is mostly considered to be. But for sure, you can enjoy the highest joy of giving through this path.

Here, is the time to say thank you to all your teachers who have influenced your life in some way.

Come on! What are you thinking about now? Just send them good wishes and what else they want from you!

There’s a small write up for my most the favourite teachers…and here it goes🥀

They are sweet as sugar and hard as ice..

And they always give us good advice..

They cheer us up, when we cry,

They teach us, never to give up, without a try,

They are the answers to all our questions,

They always show us the right direction,

They helps us to learn new things,

And become good human beings.

So let me tell you who they are,

They are the teachers, our guiding stars.

Happy teacher’s day!!



Published by Noorien Misbha


48 thoughts on “HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY 🥀❤️

  1. It’s so nice to hear how much teachers are valued in your culture, Noorien. Not always the case here in the US, unfortunately. I had several teachers who made lasting impressions on me, including a writing teacher in high school with whom I’m still friends! 🌞

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    1. Nice to hear from you, still you’re in contact with your old teachers… Sometimes teachers become too close to us compared to our friends of schooling or college… Loving them is in other hand… Main is RESPECT to thier sacrifice and so on ❤️🥀😊

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  2. Loved this article. Your words are inspiring! As always, I love the work that you are doing on your blog, and hence, I have nominated you for “The Vincent Ehindero Blogger” award. I would love to see you participate. For more details, you can check out the recent post of my blog. 🙂

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