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Respect yourself.

Respect others. Respect the Earth. Respect those on the other side.

The Angels want you to know that when you respect something – it is the most honourable, graceful thing you can do.

Because when you respect something, you want to do right by it. You would treat it right, be kind to it, love it because respect is the basis of anything great in nature. It feeds all of the other great qualities.

And if respect isn’t there, there is no low too low to go. You don’t truly give a rat’s arse about it because meh who cares right?

You’ll happily choose to not do right by it, lie about it, hate on it. I know which one I’d rather! So today think about what respect means to you.

If you are showing yourself, those around you, the Earth and the universe the respect that it all truly deserves.

“Respect is my natural state. I choose to feel it flow through me and out of me”

Here comes the poem.. Which is topicless and not even a daily prompt to deal with!

Untill next post…STAY HAPPY STAY BLESSED AND STAY SAFE readers🤗💜


Published by Noorien Misbha


48 thoughts on “RESPECT 💜

  1. Beautiful thoughts Noorien – both Respect and the poem.
    Whatever we want we need to give. That is the spiritual law. If we want respect we need to give it. If we want appreciation we need to appreciate. If we want love we need to love 💕

    Sometimes I wish the time slows down so that I can catch up with it 😇

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    1. Thank you my dear friend 🤗💜
      I’m so glad that ..all the time your comment makes me feel as YEAH REALLY TRUE✨… have a beautiful mind and beautiful thought with in…and great positive and motivating words….💜
      My pleasure connecting with you my dear young friend ☺️😉💜

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      1. It is my pleasure equally to connect with such a smart, intelligent and beautiful young and budding engineer Noorien 💖💖

        I am so glad that my thoughts and words resonate with you. Please feel free to bounce of any ideas with me or to know my perspective on any thing that bothers you.

        I was so glad to know that your first wish to travel to is Mecca, just like Saba’s. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto thee.”

        Stay happy. Stay blessed. Stay loved 💕

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      2. Thank you my friend 🤗✨
        Yeah sure…. When it comes to sahring up any ideas or thoughts…. You comes to me as a priority my young friend 💜🤗✨
        Wow… Even Saba’s wish is same….glad to hear it…
        Stay happy,stay connected and stay blessed my dear young friend 💜☺️✨💫

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  2. Everything in the world would be better if respect was shown. Starting with the little things, from neighbors, in family, with friends. Respecting habits, customs and religions different from ours. Respecting nature … would make us live in an oasis of wonder. Unfortunately the world has become hectic and no one or many have neither the time nor the desire to respect others and this leads to the chaos in which we live.

    Hi it was nice to discover you.

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