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I was born in the country,

I am proud of being

whose symbols are more than mere picture

a meaning more than what we see.

It is the heart of the land

representing the best of who we are

People living free and around

Shining the light near and far!

India is the country I am talking about

Bounded by us that makes us after all

In our hearts keep the love for the nation

It’s protected by those who never take a vacation.

Day by day patriotism seems a far cry

People forgetting what this land meant to us

How it helped us be who we are

Nurturing us in each step

There are people who stand on the edge of the knife

Because of them we have our life

To not forget or to mention

Let us bow down not only this day, but each day

Be patriotic and give the respect to all

When soliders leave everything on a call.

For this independence day let us all take a moment

Stand together, show the respect our country needs;

For without this country u and I won’t be here;

For justice and liberty,

Let us celebrate with joy and honesty!!

Happy 74th Independence Day everyone!! 🎉



Published by Noorien Misbha


55 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE DAY 💜

  1. Beautiful Noorien. Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳😊🇮🇳

    You know my dear that at one level – freedom is a mind game. We bind and free ourselves with our thoughts. The most important thing for me since my school and college days has been my freedom.

    Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay free 🇮🇳🤗🇮🇳

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    1. Thank you friend .. Wish u same 🤗💜
      Yeah very true… After listening to you I’ve come across a poem, here it goes

      I want to find my freedom,
      You give me my freedom,
      Through the darkness of future,
      Or fathom the truth
      Of the time gone by,
      so that I can dance unto the light,
      And I want to watch sky,
      Spreading my wings,
      I want to watch birds flying,
      As they dance within my mind.
      So let’s find our freedom,
      Into the rays of the Sun,
      Dancing all the way.


      Liked by 3 people

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