Pic during my boredom😑💩

Lazy Day Resolution

I do not want to write a thing. I don’t want to design.
When it comes to creativity, I’m ready to resign.
My efficacy’s at an end. I have no further drive.
No further motivation to prove that I’m alive.

I’m going to eat chocolates in front of the TV.
No schedules to live up to. Now all my time is free.
I have no excuses. Your aid is not required.
To end this conversation, I will just say I’m retired!

Just simply bored like a 💩….

Published by Noorien Misbha


58 thoughts on “BORED OFF😑

  1. don’t get bored, Noorein. you can do a lot of things, talk to your family, friends, cousins, relatives, take a walk, thank Allah, and so on. Also, I have heard that calling someone ugly is like making fun of Allah’s creation. and there is beauty in every creation of Allah. subhanallah. May Allah grant us all forgiveness and correct understanding.
    best wishes and regards!

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    1. Yeah I does and I do…. This lazyness and boredom started because my online classes strtd….
      Yeah true I know… Thanks a lot for reminding me about that 💜☺️
      Thank you….. Allhumdulillah for everything…. Take care too…❣️🤗


  2. So pretty Noorien 😍
    I am sure you are beautiful inside out.

    You know boredom can happen only and only if we are not living in the now, in this moment.
    Stand in front of a mirror and laugh away your boredom 😹
    Shall pray for you my dear young friend.

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      1. Hope all is well now with my young and beautiful friend.
        I knew you were young but in the pic you look like a school girl 👧 which class are you in?
        My grand daughter is very fond of looking good and I always tell her : that people who are happy always look beautiful 😊💕

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      2. Hah lol😂…I’m not a school girl…I’m pursuing 2nd year in information science and engineering 💫…..
        Yeah it’s true my friend…as ……people who are happy always look beautiful ☺️💜🤗

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      3. I have traveled a lot all over the world but have lived and worked in India only Noorien. But as you know India is a big country and I have lived all over in India 🤩

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      4. Every country has something unique to offer Noorien. But the very first country I visited, Sweden, remains my favourite. Scandinavian countries are the happiest in the world.
        If you go through my last years posts you will see I had 4 continents in first 4 months. And by year end I had done 5 continents and 4 new countries in one year 😇

        Where are you from and have you been abroad?

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      5. Wow my friend…. Like by year you ended with 5 continents and 4 new contries…. Really wow☺️💜✨
        I’m from India… And I never been abroad
        In sha Allah my dream to visit abroad by my money…. And before that I would like to go Mecca for hajj✨💜☺️🤗….In sha Allah….☺️

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      6. Inshaallah you shall go to Mecca and many more countries Noorien. Trust Him.

        My first visit abroad was when in was 34 😊

        Right now focus on your studies with enthusiasm.


    1. 😂😂😂😂😂yes….
      Like yeh lazyness only coz 5 months m there wasn’t any classes… Like seriously… far from academics….and suddenly classes matlab…😕😕😕….I’m facing difficulty only because my routine change hogaya tha… Like classes strt from morning 9AM to 4pm….🤯🤯🤯😵😵😵😵

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  3. Noorien, I know the pandemic seems endless, but it will come to an end! Here in Florida, and in Texas where my daughters live, in-school classes are starting. Coronavirus is still going strong, and I am afraid it will be a disaster! Be glad your classes are still online. Hang in there! All the best! Cheryl

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  4. Now that I know you a little more Noorien I think your quote on the pic is not true. Maybe you didn’t really mean it 😊

    Yes – Beauty is skin deep but Noorien is beautiful inside too – she is beautiful to the marrow of her bones 🥰😍

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