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Where is the soul?

When we all have become soulless!

Where is love?

When we all have become part of lovelessness!

We have become part of a commodity,

Where we forget to find a true soul!

Our souls are never one,

Because we failed to believe in co-existence !

We failed to believe in co-living!

We destroyed the natural balance!

Yet, a human soul, 

Always tries to find a way to settle a score,

Amongst the foolish,

Amongst the egoistic,

Even the hard hearts had to make peace with the soulful!

This is where we, the uncommon soul, come in between all the troubles,

We fix it being together.

Our hearts fix the world,

As we all are the children of Mother Nature,

As all living creatures are!

As it all, 

We will be together,

That is the way of nature,

Always have been,

Always shall be!



Published by Noorien Misbha


71 thoughts on “TRUE SOUL

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  3. Great expressions! Made me think of this Cree Prophecy: “In the time when the world is sick and dying, a tribe of people will come together of many races. They will be a people who put their faith in deeds, not words, and the world shall become green again.” I enjoy your blog! 🌞

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