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Sky is blue, roses are red 
There are no monsters under your bed
The real demons are inside your head

I knew something was 
wrong when the blood
dripped from the wall
Because this time it
came from the living room
not from hall!
I felt a cold hand 
my shoulder
And I thought my husband's
here but,
The thing is he's been
dead for over a year
When it's darken than 
usual at night I know
time has come,
I know that
I have to hide....
Last night saw a 
hand on the mirror
ticking from
within But it wasn't
just a hand it was
wearing a ring
The next day I heard
my grandmother who
I never
knew died
At the funeral saw
her body
And I cried
But not because of her
soul disappearing
But because of the
ring she was wearing.
The voices aren't the 
most scary part
What scares me the
most is that they
seem to know me
better than
I know myself.
I had twins but one of 
them died
However I still see her
every night
One day my other
girl looked
at me and cried
With fear in her
eyes she
said "It should've
been me who died"
Since about a year 
knocking on my
door in middle
of the night
Everytime the same
amount at exactly
the same time
I told myself you're
safe as long as
he stays outside
One day he didn't
knock and
I knew I had to hide.
You can close your 
eyes to
hide the truth
But if ghosts can
come through walls
they can come
through your eyelids too.
People always wants 
to stay awake when
they're scared of what
hides under there bed
but isn't it way more
peaceful to die in
your sleep?
Think about that

What say about My above statement… Let me know in my comment section 💜🥀

Thank you all for reading


Published by Noorien Misbha


47 thoughts on “SCARY POEM’S

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