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TENACIOUS (Something very important at present)

You cannot change your destiny

You cannot change your destiny for things

You cannot change what is wrong

But you can find solutions for problems

That would make you so strong

Strong enough to know that you are right

Strong enough to reduce your fright

Strong enough to make your life bright

And work on things to make alright

Be strong and things will be just fine

That is like a true sign Of being what you want to be in life!

Dear readers… Nerve lose hope at any situation or at any case…. And never get disappointed because only your one wrong decision can spoil or ruin still many more people’s hope, Love and confidence. Being strong and healthy physically isn’t more valuable compared to mental health… No matter what but never think or believe yourself a small meager… Just try to fill that with full a pansy world and a person of Bonanza in your life… Stay strong stay healthy🖤🥀


Published by Noorien Misbha


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