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Dear Mercury, Maybe you’re always going to be the smallest
But you’ll be closer, Faster and tougher than the rest.

You’re Venus Feel of myrtle and worn coins, But isn’t there this flow
But it still means that you’re one of the brightest thing in these sky.

Dear Earth, Whenever I feel
my spirit waning and my passion wilting
To be wrapped within your arms
Swaddled in the sands of you understanding, Because lying in your lap
Is where I find my truth, vision, love and sanctuary.

Dear Mars, They called you the Red planet
Red like love or blood
Or are you red like red onions, Dissected on white paper
Sitting in the same room as everyone else and making them cry

Dear Jupiter, You were all thin dust ring and crystal clouds
That tasted Sulphur and short days
And these short days crawl by like a pulse, Dust will just blow away
And you’ll be just another Jupiter moon

We look for Saturn ,When I avoid the question so delicately
And when you ask me why I don’t answer the phone,
And when I ask why we don’t play with yellow hula hoops
As flat as we feel, I turn in the bed
And we hope Saturn will let us take his place

Dear Neptune,
After the first storm-When it rained ice, You were cold.
After the second storm- When it rained water, so you cried with relief.
After the third storm- When it rained diamond , you became hard as crystal.

Dear Pluto, You are no longer a planet
It’s going to hurt like hell to end this,
Is this faded film or beautifully shot.
I kiss your forehead and I ask if you are going to last
And you just cry and pull me close
So I’ll let it go for now
I’m done
I’m done
I’m done
I promise….

Thank you for reading it…


Published by Noorien Misbha


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