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Here are the RULES 

• Put the award logo on your blog

• Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

• Mention the creator of the award
The creator of this award is..Okoto Enigma

• Answer the five questions you were asked

• Tell the readers three things about yourself

• Nominate ten to twenty bloggers

• Notify the bloggers that you nominated them by commenting on one of their posts

• Ask your nominees five questions with one weird or funny one

• Share a link to your best posts

I would like to Thank ERA, THE HIDDEN SOUL. She is amazing person. The content she post are Tremendous 🥀.please you all visit and follow her❤…..LOTS LOVE TO ERA💫🙂

Fivebfacts about myself:

  • I love cats a lot😻
  • I live in India🇮🇳
  • I’m a student pursuing B. Tech 1st year in BANGALORE 👩‍🎓
  • Goal of life is to attempt UPSC exams👮‍♀ and In sha Allah next it goes as per God wish (Allah)
  • My inspiration and role model is S. A. W for everything❤🥀

Her Questions :

1. What is your hobby other than writing?

Ans: My hobby other than writing is Sketching and photography📸

2. Black coffee or Cappuccino?

Ans: Cappuccino

3. Your one habit that you yourself find annoying?

Ans: Anyways this is a tough question 😅……I have a habit to write something or the other thing in last page of my every notes!… I do write rubbish useless things and when I’m bored I sketch the cartoons to a funny picture 😂

4. Your most favorite post of mine and why?

Ans: Haha so clever you are 😅…sorry to say still I didn’t go to other post of yours… When I read it In sha Allah I’ll let you know in your comment section❤🙂🥀

5. Oswald or Bob, the builder? And why

Ans: Ooh man, can’t choose among them.. Both are my favorite… I used to watch them a lot when I was kid… Instead still I do watch Oswald❤🥀😅…my most favorite cartoons they are!💫❤


I want to NOMINATE ALL….. Hope you all will participate… As always I won’t be offended if you don’t follow the tag💫


  1. What’s the most embarrassing moment you faced in your life till now?
  2. What’s your opinion to transgenders (GAY)?
  3. What you are and why you are? ( Can answer them in fun way too😂)
  4. What is that one thing you never want to do in your life?
  5. For girls: Boy with long hairs, beard, tall and handsome OR Boy with short hair and cute? For Boys: Girls with long hairs, tall, beautiful and blue eyes OR Girls with short hair, not so tall and wearing spectacles! Whom will you like❤😅

Thank you Era once again….And thank you to you all who are reading it❤💫🥀


Published by Noorien Misbha


90 thoughts on “MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD🏆

  1. First of all, congratulations 💙 loved reading your answers and all the best for all your future endeavors 😊🙂
    Thank you, Noorien for accepting the award and writing such a lovely intro 🤗🤗💙
    Take care
    Stay safe, stay healthy

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much Era🙂❤🥀… pleasure dear…..Lots of love from Me… Wish you all the very best for all you future blogs and post… Take care too💫💚🥀
      Stay home stay healthy ❤🥀✨

      Liked by 1 person

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