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Every day is Mothers Day ❤💯

I decided to open my blog this week and dedicate it to all the Mother’s.

A mother is not necessary someone who birth a child.

We have many women who take on the responsibility of a child that they didn’t birth and love, raise them as they birth them.

Happy Mother’s Day

If you ask around everyone would say that their mom is the best or maybe not. But I have to say that if it was not for my mother I would not be who I am today.

My mother showed me to love unconditionally. She was quiet but a women of prayer who never gives up.

Mothers have done so much for us. Their sacrifices, love, affection, etc is unmeasurable. They train us up with the right values and qualities to help and assist our journey of life. They should be celebrated. CALL, TEXT, VISIT all Mother’s you can today. Let them know that the world appreciates them today. Let them know that they are loved!!!! Shoutout to all mothers Drop your best wishes for mothers in down of comment section! 👇👩‍👧

Love Noorien Misbha 🥀🖤


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