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I hear news about you every night
& honestly, you make my me go tremble with fright. 
You were made in China perhaps that gave you the birth-right
To export yourself across the globe in broad daylight.

The scenes at hospitals are a dreadful sight
Where against you doctors fight with all their might.
Corona, you don’t care about your preys’ plight 
& because of you, many had to cancel there’s flight.

About you, news reporters continue to hysterically scream
They increase your fear to an unimaginable extreme. 
Now as the moonlight begins to beam 
In my mind’s inward eye, I weave a dream.

Though we wash our hands every day
Because of you, we may have gone astray.
Things may seem immensely depressing & grey
But together, through this narrow passage, we’ll find a way.

As a monster people have empearled you inside their heads
& uniting together, our social differences we’ve shed.
We are at war, quarantined in our homes, laying in our beds
Soon you’ll crumble bleeding, broken & dead.

So dressed in my room I wrote this playful song 
For the night is darkest just before the dawn. 
A rainbow shall shine & impale your dreary storm
Because I’ve heard Chinese products don’t last for too long.

Dear God please😇🙏
Let’s Thank for all CORONA WARRIORS❤🥀💯

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Stay home Stay safe!😷❤🥀💯

Love Noorien Misbha ❤🔝

Published by Noorien Misbha


25 thoughts on “#2) DEAR CORONA

  1. Great poem! I have a few qualms with it though… We don’t know yet where the virus came from, so calling it ‘made in China’ is a bit presumptuous. And I’m sure we all have a lot of things that were made in China that have lasted us a long time!

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    1. Don’t take personally honey… Just to make myself clear I do not possess any kind of racist hate towards China in any way. The sole purpose of this poem is to emphasize that regardless of our social, cultural and financial difference we are in this war against corona together. This poem intends to spread positive vibes and smile , hope you and your family are perfectly alright… Stay home stay safe Jess🙂❤🥀💯ly

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      1. I completely understand! I know you just used China in the context of a metaphor, but I think it’s best to avoid any propagation of stereotypes/etc even if you didn’t mean it that way! Stay safe 🙂

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      2. I’m not as active on my DTJ instagram, but I have another one @eco_kfashion that explores fashion and k-pop more than I do on my blog!

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  2. Scripted it as you always do .. love your work … Don’t stop anywhere or for anyone, anything or anybody keep your pace and achieve your dreams .. I always pray for the Great Almighty for your success 💖💯😍🥀

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