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MOM-A Title just above Queen👑

My birth was a fate that He wrote
It’s not my authority to choose time, place or from the woman’s womb I was born into
She also had no authority to choose
who’s the child she’d be conceived and born

She’s a voice that I knew so well
I knew her from her calming heartbeat
when she held me in her embrace

She’s a familiar face
I knew her from her sincere smile
everytime she saw me

She’s the first word I could say
when I wasn’t able to speak yet
and understand how to spell a word

She’s a poetry that I never knew how to write
cause there’s no right diction to describe

Finally, only prayers that I can say
Hope Allah will always protect you

There is no need of any friend when your mum is there! ❤
Stand for her when she needs someone! 💯
No need of any social media when mum is with you! 🥀
Mother is a first teacher! 💫


Published by Noorien Misbha


16 thoughts on “MOM-A Title just above Queen👑

  1. This is so lovely! You managed to express the love and importance of mothers so well – even though you say you don’t have the words! Stay safe 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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