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“Message to the Almighty God”

The world has an invisible foe.

Causing anger and countless woes.

Mourners can’t bury the dead.

They must stay in isolation instead.

Death, you are a wicked creature!

No offense. I don’t want to hear it preacher.

I want to ask Almighty God instead.

You are all-powerful, so you have said!

If you are compassionate and harmless like a dove

Why do you allow terrible pain to those whom we love?

Where is your justice? How can this be fair?

Cities are empty and people have nightmares.

Is this the world you envisioned for creation?

I hope you are grieving now without hesitation.

Listen, I know you are loving and kind.

But right now the world feels you are blind.

That you don’t see our grief and despair.

End human suffering soon. Show us you care!

After this all a message comes from God! ⬇️

A message from almighty God

So never lose hopes on God… He have his plans.. 🙂❤💯🥀

Thank you for reading it!

Noorien Misbha! 🔝🥀

Published by Noorien Misbha


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