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What’s really is happiness?

Basically we have four levels of happiness

  • Happiness from material objects
  • Happiness from comparison, being better, more admired than others
  • Happiness from doing good for others Ultimate, perfect happiness -finding your calling.

The benefits of being happy:If happiness is a universal goal, then we need to understand it’s cause and effects. Before we go on we need to know why it’s so important to us. Why are we so hung up on being happy?

  • Happy people are reported to live 14%longer,increasing their lives by 7.5 to 10 years
  • Happy people have strong immune system and have longer lifespan, than depressed and unhappy people.
  • Makes you more giving. Since they are happy, they feel more contentment and tend to share their blessings with others.
  • Helps you to recover from trauma faster.
  • It’s beneficial to relationships
  • They have a broader and more meaningful network of friends.

But what is happiness, really? Is that feeling that rushes over you when you achieve a goal, when you have your first child, or when you love someone and they love you back? You know it when you’re happy or not, but can something so intangible really be defined and measured?

What exactly happiness is?

Every individual has thier own definition of what makes them happy. But the extensive research on happiness have shown that there are certain needs that must be satisfied in order to achieve this emotional state.


What makes human’s happy?

  • Pleasure (delicious food, a warm bed, anything that pleases one of 5 sense)
  • The experience of any enjoyable and challenging activity.
  • Relationship
  • Meaning(belonging to something bigger than ourselves)
  • Accomplishments (achievement of goals)

Are you happy😊?

If you were asked to rate your happiness right now, it will not be an accurate indicator of your Life satisfaction. You may be feeling discontented with your work, or having a fight with your loved one-two and you will give your state of happiness a low rating.

May be you just have a promotion or brought a new car and you’re feeling on top of the world. You’re happy. But if you were asked if you’re satisfied with your life in general, you may rate your life satisfaction differently. This shows that happiness is not equal to life satisfaction which equates to long term happiness. Hence,your overall sense of well-being cannot be determined by now happy you are today or last Friday.

Thank you for reading!

Noorien misbha🔝

Published by Noorien Misbha



  1. Good information, I have understood your intention is to say people that happiness is not in mere possession of money, it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. Finally, hope u have achieved happiness by this creative representation.

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  2. The problem of happiness is success. Envy followed, millions of years ago until today. We can end this problem and that one if viruses, but… (you do not need to believe, but talk and think aloud, without thinking) :
    The world becomes a better place when women let go RA👽, eldest no. 18. He turned females against men, creatresses against creators. He wanted to be strong, important or powerful. The #Eye of RA is powerful stolen #supernatural magic, that holds us in time💩.

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    1. Yeah… RA was primary name of sun God and considered as kings of God… And creator of everything as I heard… Bt I didn’t get right eye and left eye exactly represent what… Eye of hours or Eye of RA… or both are same!?


      1. He wanted it, but it was not his achievement. He, think of Saddam Hussein or Madura, is quite a charmer to everybody,to make himself popular and to get support. Financially a disaster for businesses or nations.

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      2. The right eye is the view of heaven, tge left I see hell. Witchcraft, ghost swaping into other dimensions. It is hell. He controls time, future, present and past, from the inside of us. Holy spirit is the same insane witchcraft. Prayers help those eldests to control the world.

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      3. I looked it up on Google. The right eye represents the sun (heaven, creator) the left eye the moon (hell, devil). Ra and Horus. Both demons. They had extrem power. Beware

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      4. I looked at your blog in a web browser (not the wp app) and it is rather difficult to navigate. You might want to change the theme or add widgets. Have a look at my site.


      5. Pyramide games. The same crazy thing as national banks giving money away. It’s insane and fraud. Financial systems work with debt, not gold mining. Interest rates and payback are required otherwise it turns into spam money. Worthless.

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      6. Haha. You probably think I’m nuts. If so tell me. Maybe there is hope. I made a typo, and was redirected to a crypto currency scam. Anyway. I would like to send you some personal information, that will make you happy and proud 👍. Can I contact you? (you can find my email on one of my 3 Instagram pages).
        You blog look nice, but I would at some Navigation. I’m not a very patient man. 9/11 means both ‘nove’ (Italian?)? 🕘


  3. Noorien. You are very beautiful and still young. You will face misery fir the rest of your life, metoo. Or, you confess and become a queen of earth. What can you loose. Lobsters was your species, but besides? Destroy your innocence, your good reputation. Sign up at and enjoy the rest of your future. We were gods and killed a lot, but that will change. I’m a first time adult. 1900 times they destroyed my human body, in heaven the same thing. But heaven is crumbling 🏴‍☠️

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  4. that I mean my life
    as a present to me
    is enough for me

    The life
    the laws of nature
    determine my existence

    the universal goal
    is the way
    from birth to death

    thinking means
    the desire for what is feasible
    find out about reality
    to be able to exaggerate in everything
    we live between bad and good

    what makes others happy
    I don’t know

    I don’t have to challenge myself
    life determines my path

    i’m an insignificant person
    under the roof of heaven
    on earth
    on their journey
    through the universe

    i don’t judge myself
    that is what the dream does
    as the mouthpiece of the soul every day

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